Man pages for acidgenomics/goalie
Assertive check functions

assertAssert that certain conditions are true
causeGet or set the 'cause' attribute
checkAssert check
check-scalar-allAreAtomicDoes the input contain elements that are all atomic?
check-scalar-areSameLengthDo the inputs have the same length?
check-scalar-formalCompressCheck the 'compress' formal argument
check-scalar-hasDimnamesDoes the input have dimnames?
check-scalar-hasDimsDoes the input have dimensions?
check-scalar-hasDuplicatesDoes the input have duplicates?
check-scalar-hasElementsDoes the input have elements?
check-scalar-hasInternetDoes the current session have an internet connection?
check-scalar-hasLengthDoes the input have a non-zero or defined length?
check-scalar-hasMetricsDoes the object contain quality control metrics?
check-scalar-hasNamesDoes the input have names?
check-scalar-hasNonzeroRowsAndColsDoes the input contain non-zero rows and columns?
check-scalar-hasRownamesDoes the input have row names?
check-scalar-hasSubsetDoes the object contain a subset of data?
check-scalar-hasUniqueColsDoes the input have columns with unique values?
check-scalar-hasValidNamesDoes the input object have syntactically valid names?
check-scalar-isAllDoes the input belong to or inherit all of these classes?
check-scalar-isAlphaDoes the input contain an alpha level?
check-scalar-isAnyDoes the object belong to or inherit any of these classes?
check-scalar-isCharacterDoes the input contain a (non-empty) character vector?
check-scalar-isDockerIs the R session running inside Docker?
check-scalar-isFileSystemCaseSensitiveIs the file system case sensitive?
check-scalar-isFlagDoes the input contain a boolean flag?
check-scalar-isGGScaleDoes the input contain a ggplot2 scale?
check-scalar-isHeaderLevelDoes the input contain a Markdown header level?
check-scalar-isHexColorFunctionDoes the argument contain a function that returns hexadecimal...
check-scalar-isOfDimensionDoes the input contain specific dimensions?
check-scalar-isScalarIs the input scalar?
check-scalar-isStringDoes the input contain a (non-empty) character string?
check-scalar-matchesUniqueGeneNamesDo the input gene names match unique values in the...
check-scalar-setsSet comparisons
check-scalar-validNamesAre these valid names?
check-vector-hasAccessCheck file system access rights
check-vector-isCompressedFileDoes the input contain a compressed file?
check-vector-isDirectoryDoes the input contain a directory?
check-vector-isEqualHow does the input relate to a value?
check-vector-isExistingDoes the requested input exist in the environment?
check-vector-isFileDoes the input contain a file?
check-vector-isHexColorDoes the input contain hexadecimal colors?
check-vector-isInRangeIs the input in range?
check-vector-isIntegerishIs the input integer(ish)?
check-vector-isMatchingDoes the string match a pattern?
check-vector-isURLDoes the input contain a URL?
defunctDefunct functions
deprecatedDeprecated functions
falseReturn 'FALSE' scalar with cause of failure
printPrint methods for objects with a cause attribute
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
setCauseReturn 'FALSE' vector with causes of failure
validateValidate an S4 class
validateClassesValidate expected classes
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