Man pages for acinostroza/TargetSearch
A package for the analysis of GC-MS metabolite profiling data

baselineBaseline correction - wrapper function
baselineCorrectionBaseline correction - Chang's method
baselineCorrectionQuantBaseline correction - quantiles method
checkRimLimVisually check retention index marker limits
FAMEoutliersFAME outlier detection
fileConvert RI files from text to binary format and vice versa
FindAllPeaksExtract peaks from chromatogram files - low level function
FindPeaksExtract peaks from chromatogram files
fixRIFixing Retention Time Index Correction
ImportFameSettingsRetention time markers settings
ImportLibraryLibrary import
ImportSamplesSample definitions
medianRILibMedian RI library correction
ncdf4_convertConvert from a NetCDF file format 3 to format 4
ncdf4_convert_from_pathConvert CDF files to CDF4 from a path automatically
ncdf4Convert-methodMethod for converting CDF-3 files to CDF-4
ncdf4_data_extractExtract data ranges from a NetCDF file format 4
ncdf4_plot_peakPlot peaks from ncdf4 files
ncdf4_update_riUpdate retention time index on a NCDF4 file
NetCDFPeakFindingPeak picking algorithm from CDF files
peakCDFextractionNetCDF to R
peakFindIntensities and RI matrices
plotFAMEPlot a standard marker
plotPeakPlot peaks
plotPeakRIPlot peak RI across samples
plotPeakSimplePlot peaks - simple (old) interface
plotRefSpectraPlot reference spectrum of a compound
plotRIdevPlot Retention Time Index Deviation
plotSpectraPlot a Spectra Comparison
ProfileAverage the correlating masses for each metabolite
ProfileCleanUpReduce redundancy of the profile
quantMatrixCreate an intensity matrix using quantification masses
ri2rtRetention Time Index to Retention Time conversion
RIcorrectPeak picking from CDF files and RI correction
ri_data_extractExtract peak data from a RI file
riMatrixRetention Time Index Matrix
ri_plot_peakPlot peak RI across samples - low level interface
rt2riRetention Time to Retention Time Index conversion
sampleRISample specific RI detection
TargetSearch-defunctDefunct functions in package 'TargetSearch'
TargetSearch-packageA targeted approach for GC-MS data.
TSExampleExample GC-MS data for TargetSearch Package
tsLib-classClass for representing a reference library
tsMSdata-classClass for representing MS data
tsProfile-classClass for representing a MS profile
tsRim-classClass for representing retention index markers
tsSample-classClass for representing samples
tsUpdate-methodMethods for Updating TargetSearch objects 'tsUpdate'
updateRIUpdating Time Index correction
writeLibTextSave a library object in text format
writeMSPSave spectra in MSP format to be visualized in NIST
Write.ResultsSave TargetSearch result objects into files
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