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inspectoRGadget hex sticker

The goal of inspectoRGadget is to meet an urgent need spelled out in this twitter plea

tweet call to arms


You can install the development version of inspectoRGadget from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")


Step 1: gadgetize your favourite installed package by calling gogo_gadget_arms() Wowsers! All that package's functions and objects can now be used by typing gogo_{function/object}



Step 2: gogo_ all the things! Here we gogo_filter() the beaver1 dataset to find when the critter was active

gogo_filter(beaver1, activ == 1)
#>   day time  temp activ
#> 1 346 1730 37.07     1
#> 2 346 1950 37.10     1
#> 3 346 2150 37.53     1
#> 4 346 2230 37.25     1
#> 5 346 2300 37.24     1
#> 6 347  340 37.15     1

All those gogo_s now live in your search path in an environment called gadget_arms (thanks for the tip Hadley Wickam!)

This is not really important unless you have already loaded an important, useful package also called gadget_arms. In that case, sorry, together we probably busted something, I see error messages in your future.

Please note there are probably lots of reasons this is not a good idea but neither Brain nor Penny was around to stop us

Code of Conduct

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