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This function calls macros inside the MABM database to export the data necessary for creating annual reports for MABM routes. It needs only to be run a single time after the data for a given survey year has been entered into the database. This function is not likely to be called outside of MABM_report


setup_MABM_reports(access_exe = NULL, MABM_access_db = NULL, export_dir = NULL)



character string indicating the path to the MS Access executable. Default (NULL) attempts to find it in a couple of common places and, if unsuccessful, prompts the user to browse to the executable.


character string indicating the path to the MABM MS Access database. Default (NULL) prompts the user to browse to the file.


character string indicating desired location to output *.xlsx file from Access database; default prompts user to browse to desired directory. See Details for recommendations.


None. This function calls a macro within the MABM database to export MS Excel spreadsheets to a specified directory for use in annual report creation.

Recommended export directory

It is strongly recommended (required?) that you direct the MABM database macro to export needed files to the base directory containing MABM station related data (i.e., MABM route directories with call files, shapefiles, and annual reports). See the MABM_report documentation for further details.

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