Yet Another Parallel Library for R

This package significantly lowers the difficulty for efficient sending R objects between different R sessions on the same machine.

Objects are shared via an intermediary server R process, that is lazily spawned, and listens for user requests. All communication is done via shared memory (package bigmemory) and mutexes (package synchronicity).

The whole process is designed with efficiency in mind, for both small and large objects.

The workflow

The process should be pretty straight-forward. R session number 1:

send_object(obj=1:10, tag='myobject')
# Server process spawned

R session number 2:

#          size                    ctime
# myobject   62 Sat Sep 24 13:01:57 2016
# [1]  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10

Each session is treated equal. There can be as many sessions as you would like. You can even access the objects after the session that originated the object has ended. To free up the memory taken by single variable use remove_object.

quit_server quits the server, freeing all memory used for stored variables.

Memory footprint

Server is implemented in R. It uses very little memory in itself - 6 mutexes, pointer to the big.matrix and an environment for stored objects. Each object is stored as a unserialized bigmemory::big.matrix of type 'raw' together with single metadata ctime - creation time.

Since the server is spawned in separate process, the amount of memory it occupies is not reported to other R sessions. Similarly, the memory taken by the stored objects is not visible to R.

Because the variables are internally stored as shared memory, it is visible in htop as "shared" memory (as opposed to "used" memory), which might be confusing for some people.


The package relies heavily on mutexes. Because of bug in the synchronicity package that prevents from using timeout feature, many bugs in yaplr will manifest itself as deadlocks. In such case, the best way to recover is running the following commands on another R session: yaplr:::reset_communications() or yaplr:::init_server() followed by yaplr:::shutdown_server(). You will loose the shared objects, with possible memory leak, but the locked R session will hopefully unlock and you will be able to recover your work, and possibly continue using this package.

Known issues & feature requests

See the GitHub's Issues tab to see all unresolved issues.

You can post feature requests there as well, and hopefully I will have resources to address them all.

The package was developed and tested on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64bit. If you encounter any problems running the package on your platfrom, please let me know.

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