Man pages for adibender/pammtools
Piece-Wise Exponential Additive Mixed Modeling Tools

add_hazardAdd predicted (cumulative) hazard to data set
add_surv_probAdd survival probability estimates
add_tdcAdd time-dependent covariate to a data set
add_termAdd the contribution of a term to the linear predictor to...
add_term2Add the contribution of a term to the linear predictor to...
as_pedTransform data to Piece-wise Exponential Data (PED)
calc_ciCalculate confidence intervals
combine_cutExtract unique cut points when time-dependent covariates...
combine_dfCreate a data frame from all combinations of data frames
compute_cumu_diffCalculate difference in cumulative hazards and respective...
cumulative_coefficientExtract cumulative coefficients (cumulative hazard...
dailyTime-dependent covariates of the 'patient' data set.
dplyr_verbs'dplyr' Verbs for 'ped'-Objects
elra_matrixCreate matrix components for cumulative effects
extub_eventTime until extubation
fcumuA formula special used to handle cumulative effect...
formula_helpersExtract variables from the left-hand-side of a formula
geom_hazard(Cumulative) (Step-) Hazard Plots.
geom_stepribbonStep ribbon plots.
get_cumu_coef_baselineExtract cumulative coefficients (cumulative hazard...
get_cumu_effCalculate (or plot) cumulative effect for all time-points of...
get_cumu_hazardCalculate cumulative hazard
get_cumulativeExpand time-dependent covariates to functionals
get_cutObtain interval break points
get_hazardCalculate predicted hazard
get_intervalsInformation on intervals in which times fall
get_lagleadConstruct or extract data that represents a lag-lead window
get_ped_formExtract variables from the left-hand-side of a formula
get_plotinfoExtract plot information for all special model terms
get_sim_ciCalculate simulation based confidence intervals
get_surv_probCalculate survival probabilities
get_tdcExtract time-dependent covariates from data set
get_tdc_formExtract variables from the left-hand-side of a formula
get_tdc_varsExtract variables from the left-hand-side of a formula
get_termExtract partial effects for specified model terms
get_termsExtract the partial effects of non-linear model terms
gg_fixedForrest plot of fixed coefficients
gg_lagleadPlot Lag-Lead windows
gg_partialVisualize effect estimates for specific covariate...
gg_rePlot Normal QQ plots for random effects
gg_slicePlot 1D (smooth) effects
gg_smoothPlot smooth 1d terms of gam objects
gg_tensorPlot tensor product effects
has_tdcExtract time-dependent covariates from data set
int_infoCreate start/end times and interval information
modusCalculate the modus
nest_tdcCreate nested data frame from data with time-dependent...
newdataConstruct a data frame suitable for prediction
pammtoolspammtools: Piece-wise exponential Additive Mixed Modeling...
patientSurvival data of critically ill ICU patients
ped_infoExtract interval information and median/modus values for...
pipePipe operator
prep_concurrentExtract information on concurrent effects
riskset_infoExtract risk set information for each interval.
sample_infoExtract information of the sample contained in a data set
seq_rangeGenerate a sequence over the range of a vector
simdf_elraSimulated data with cumulative effects
sim_pexpSimulate survival times from the piece-wise exponential...
specialsFormula specials for defining time-dependent covariates
split_dataFunction to transform data without time-dependent covariates...
split_tdcCreate piece-wise exponential data in case of time-dependent...
tidiersExtract 1d smooth objects in tidy data format.
tidy_fixedExtract fixed coefficient table from model object
tidyr_verbs'tidyr' Verbs for 'ped'-Objects
tidy_smoothExtract random effects in tidy data format.
tidy_smooth2dExtract 2d smooth objects in tidy format.
tumorStomach area tumor data
warn_about_new_time_pointsWarn if new t_j are used
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