Man pages for adjust/rport
Connection management and SQL parallelisation for R analytics on big database clusters.

dbRead from a Database (currently only PostgreSQL) connection.
db.connectionGet the DBIConnection connection object by config name.
db.disconnectDisconnect database connections.
list.connectionsList open DB connections.
pg.copyA lightweight wrapper around postgresqlCopyInDataframe that...
register.connectionsDefine DB connection settings at run time.
reload.db.configReload database connection config from the database.yml
rport.db.cache.recordsIf 'hash' is not NULL returns TRUE/FALSE if 'hash' exists in...
rport.db.set.envThis creates an RportDbEnvironment variable in the...
rport.newCreates the file sceleton and codebase for a new Rport...
rport-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
rport.sql~~function to do ... ~~
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