API for adror1/nwslR
Datasets and analysis functions for the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL)

Global functions
adv_player_stats Man page
adv_team_stats Man page
avg_field_stats Man page Source code
avg_gk_stats Man page
award Man page
create_df_player Source code
create_df_team Source code
data_wrangling Source code
draftpicks Man page
fieldplayer_overall_season_stats Man page
format_stats Source code
franchise Man page
game Man page
get_adv_player_stats Man page Source code
get_adv_team_stats Man page
get_events Man page Source code
goalkeeper_season_stats Man page
player Man page
player_search Man page Source code
pull_boxscore Source code Source code
pull_plays Source code
stadium Man page
team_stats_season Man page
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