Man pages for adrtod/rchallenge
A Simple Data Science Challenge System

compute_metricsCompute metrics of the submissions in the history.
countdownCountdown before deadline.
data_partitionData partitionning function adapted from the caret package.
data_splitSplit a data.frame into training and test sets.
germanGerman Credit Data.
get_bestGet the best submissions per team.
get_dataGet dataset value.
html_imgHTML code for an image.
iconHTML code for icons. Currently only supports Font Awesome...
last_updateFormatted last update date before deadline.
new_challengeInstall a new challenge.
new_teamCreate new teams submission folders in your challenge.
plot_activityPlot the density of submissions over time.
plot_historyPlot the history of the scores of each team over time.
print_leaderboardFormat the leaderboard in Markdown.
print_readerrFormat read errors in Markdown.
publishRender your challenge R Markdown script to a HTML page.
rchallenge-defunctDefunct functions in package 'rchallenge'
rchallenge-packageA Simple Data Science Challenge System
store_new_submissionsStore new submission files.
str_rankString displayed for the rank.
update_rank_diffUpdate the rank differences of the teams.
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