Man pages for aedobbyn/dobtools
Dobbyn's Analysis Helpers

analyze_rfAnalyze Random Forest
append_dollar_signAppend Dollar Sign
cap_a_wordCap a Word
cap_a_word_partialCap a Word, Partial
cap_dfCap Dataframe
cap_itCap It
collapse_stringsCollapse Strings
cut_off_vecwiseCut Off
do_clusterK-Means Cluster
get_nn_importanceGet Neural Net Variable Importance
get_rf_importanceGet Random Forest Variable Importance
grab_first_wordGrab only the first word from a string.
group_equalGroup Equal
group_numericGroup Numeric
helloHello, World!
import_scriptsImport Scripts
is_pluralIs this word plural?
make_histMake a Histogram of a Variable
match_makerFuzzy Text Matching
na_to_zeroNA to Zeros
nerdRBut you already knew that
prep_clustersPrep Clusters
replace_namesReplace Names
run_rfRun a Random Forest model
run_testsRun Tests
set_col_typesSet Column Types
simple_capSimple Capitalization
style_lmStyle a Regression Model Output
style_modStyle glm or lm
style_numericStyle Numeric
summarise_pointsTrello Point Summary
test_itTest It
trim_outliersTrim Outliers
uncap_itUncap It
z_scoreZ-Score a vector
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