Man pages for aelhabr/temisc
Tony's Personal Package

add_logoAdd a logo
add_tickmarksCreate a formula
add_yyyymmdd_colsAdd timestamp columns
compute_rankRank and order a data.frame
compute_summarySummarize a data.frame
convert_fmla_to_charCreate a formula
create_fmlaCreate a formula
create_kableConvert a data.frame to a kable table
get_color_hexManipulate colors
get_dates_colnamesExtract date columns.
get_editheme_colorsManipulate colors (from a theme)
get_filepathCreate a filepath
get_month_lastdayIdentify the last day in a month
get_rpal_colorsManipulate colors
get_yyyymmCreate a date (for a plot)
get_yyyymmddCreate a date
html_tete R markdown template
list_file_details_cleanlyList file information in a "tidy" fashion
normalize_path_teNormalize a filepath
repeat_dfRepeat a data.frame
standardize_zNormalize a variable
unitizeNormalize a variable
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