Man pages for agduncan94/civicr
CIViC API Client for R

dot-commonDetailEndpointHandle common detail endpoints
dot-commonIndexEndpointHandle common index endpoints
dot-createReturnStructureCreate an s3 return structure for exported functions
dot-handleFailureHandle failure case for httr
dot-verifyJsonResponseVerify that the httr response is of type "application/json"
getAllAssertionsGet a list of assertions
getAllEvidenceItemsGet a list of evidence items
getAllGenesGet a list of genes
getAllVariantGroupsGet a list of variant groups
getAllVariantsGet a list of variants
getAssertionGet a specific assertion
getAssertionMetadataGet a specific assertion metadata information
getEvidenceItemGet a specific evidence item
getEvidenceItemMetadataGet a specific evidence item metadata information
getGeneGet a specific gene
getGeneMetadataGet a specific gene metadata
getVariantGet a specific variant
getVariantGroupGet a specific variant group
getVariantGroupMetadataGet a specific variant group metadata information
getVariantMetadataGet a specific variant metadata information
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