Man pages for agentlans/PeakSorter
Tool For Prioritizing Peak Lists From Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Experiments

bin.prioritizeBinned sorting method
boxplot2Wrapper for boxplot function that also prints P values
check.peak.dfValidate peak data frame
dwell.time.boxplotBoxplots of dwell times of multiple peak lists
dwell.timesDwell times of peaks in data frame
idh1Idh1 knock-in mouse dataset
idh1.true.posTrue positive peaks in the Idh1 knock-in metabolomics dataset
intensity.prioritizeSorts peak data frame by intensity
peak.plotCreates plots of peaks across multiple sorted peak data...
peak.plot.dfGenerates graphable data from a list of peak data frames
PeakSorter-packageTools for processing LC-MS peak lists.
random.prioritizeRandomly change order of peaks in data frame
rank.funFinds rank of values in descending order
read.peak.fileRead peak data from file
roc.aucReceiver operating curve for peak classification
roc.plotReceiver operating characteristic curves of multiple sorted...
scramble.colScrambles the values in each column of peak data frame
top.peaksReturns the top peaks from sorted data frame
validate.peak.df.listValidate a list of peak data frames
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