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G. Moroz

The main goal of this package to create checking fields and boxes in rmarkdown or quarto. It can be used in class when teacher share materials and tasks (as an .html page or an .html slides), so student can solve some problems and check their work. It is really important since some students are too shy to ask a question, so you can create tasks that will check on the fly the understanding of the class material and give some hints to those students that get stuck. In contrast to the learnr package the checkdown package works serverlessly without shiny and could be stored as a simple .html page (e. g. on Github Pages). In contrast to the exams output the checkdown package creates interactive auto-grading tasks. The interactive version of the exams output is bind to Blackboard Learn, that is really nice, but looks like an overkill for the simple task that checkdown solves.

See the html demo page for examples of usage.


Get the stable version from CRAN:

```{r, eval=FALSE} install.packages("checkdown")

… or get the development version from GitHub:

```{r, eval=FALSE}

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