Man pages for ahdxb/data.exploration
Custom Package for Tidying, Cleaning and Exploring Data

allvariables.manual.reviewManual review of a data frame's variables
allvariables.of.typeExtracts all variables of a given from a pair list
allvariables.summarySummary of all variables within train and test data
allvariables.type.changeChanging a data frame's variable types in bulk changes an element in a (name,type) list
factor.add.combinationsAdds combinations of factors to a data frame
factor.allpairs.testCreates all 2-combinations of factor variables within a given...
factor.collapse.levelsReduces common factor variables of two datasets to common... relative information between factors and output... relative information between factors and output...
factor.remove.thin.levelsRemoves thin levels from factor variables in a data frame
factor.replace.NAReplace NA in factor variables helper function to filter a list of combinations
penalized.relative.infoPenalized relative information
relative.infoRelative information
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