geo_pointplot: Plot geographical point.

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This function helps you plot georaphy points easily when given a dataframe.


geo_pointplot(pointdf, region = NULL, type = FALSE, map = "OpenStreet",
  popup = NULL, na.rm = FALSE)



The dataframe contains points information. It must contains columns as follows:

  • label: The name of point which will added as label of point on map.

  • lng: The longitude of point, range from [-180,180].

  • lat: The latitude of point, range from [-90,90].

It can contains columns as follows:

  • type: The type of point, which can be character.

  • popup: Set the popup of point.


Default value is FALSE. It can be a string of Chinese administrative area name.


Default value is FALSE. When set it as True, different type of points will be drawn with different colour.


The basemap to be chosen. Default value is 'OpenStreet'. It also can be:

  • 'amap' which is provided by GaoDe.

  • 'landform' which is provided by Esri of satellite basemap.

  • 'watercolor' which is provided by Stamen of watercolor basemap.


This function is built based on package 'leaflet' and 'leafletCN'. 'leaflet' is a brilliant package of GIS and 'leafletCN' contains useful China geographical information. This function receives a dataframe contains points and their geographical information of longitude and latitude perhaps as well as other information about points. It returns a map with points on it. Other information can also be added such as administrative area distinction and type of points.

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