Man pages for ahoundetoungan/PartialNetwork
Estimating Peer Effects Using Partial Network Data

dvMFDensity function of von Mises-Fisher Distribution
fit.dnetworkFitting Network Distribution using ARD.
logCpvMFNormalization constant of von Mises-Fisher Distribution
mcmcARDEstimate network model using ARD
mcmcSARBayesian Estimator of SAR model
PartialNetwork-packageThe PartialNetwork package
plot.mcmcSARPlotting estimation of Bayesian SAR model
rvMFSimulation from von Mises-Fisher Distribution
sim.dnetworkSimulation of the distribution of the network for Breza et...
sim.IVInstrument Variables for SAR model
sim.networkSimulation of the network
summary.mcmcSARSummarizing Bayesian SAR Model
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