Man pages for akgold/onelogin
Interact with the 'OneLogin' API

ol_invite_gen_linkGenerate Invite Link
ol_invite_send_linkSend Invite Links
ol_role_get_by_idGet details of particular role
ol_roles_getGet all available roles
ol_token_getGenerate a 'OneLogin' token
ol_token_get_rate_limitGet 'OneLogin' API rate limit
ol_token_refreshRefresh 'OneLogin' auth token
ol_token_revokeRevoke 'OneLogin' access token
ol_user_assign_roleAssign role to user
ol_user_createCreate a 'OneLogin' user.
ol_user_deleteDelete user
ol_user_get_appsGet Apps for User
ol_user_get_by_idGet a User by their ID
ol_user_get_custom_fieldsGet custom fields available for users
ol_user_get_rolesGet Roles for a User
ol_user_lock_accountLock user
ol_user_log_outLog user out
ol_user_pwd_cleartextSet or change user's password
ol_user_pwd_sha256_saltSet or changes user's password after encryption
ol_user_remove_roleRemove role from user
ol_user_set_custom_attrSet custom attribute for users
ol_user_set_stateSet user state
ol_users_getGet Users from OneLogin
ol_user_updateUpdate user information by ID
oneloginDefine a 'OneLogin' Connection
pipePipe operator
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