rcbin1: Generates correlated binary cluster data

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Generates correrlated binary cluster data given value of Intracluster Correlation, proportion of event and it's variance, number of clusters, cluster size and it's variance, and minimum cluster size


rcbin1(prop = 0.5, prvar = 0, noc, csize, csvar = 0, mincsize = 2,



A numeric value between 0 and 1 denoting assumed proportion of event in interest, default value is 0.5. See Detail


A numeric value between 0 and 1 denoting varince in assumed proportion of event (prvar), default value is 0. See Detail


A positive numeric value telling the number of clusters to be generated


A numeric value (≥ 2) denoting cluster size desired


A positive numeric value denoting Variance of cluster size, default value is 0, see Detail


A numeric value (≥ 2) denoting the minimum cluster size desired, default value is 2, see Detail


A numeric value between 0 and 1 denoting desired level of Intracluster Correlation


If supplied value of prvar is 0, the event proportion for all clusters is considered constant as supplied by prop. If supplied prvar is > 0, cluster specific event proportions are generated from Beta distribution with shape1 and shape2 parameters a and b respectively, see rbeta The shape parameters are obtained using supplied values of prop and prvar by solving the equations prop = a/(a + b) and prvar = ab/[(a + b)^2(1 + a + b)]

If supplied value of csvar is 0, cluster of equal size (csize) will be generated. For csvar > 0, will be generated from Normal or Negative Binomial dsitributions depending on relationship between csize and csvar. If csvar < csize, the varying cluster sizes will be generated from a Normal distribution with mean = csize and variacne = csvar (see rnorm). If csvar csize i.e. in the case of overdispersion, cluster sizes will be generated from Negative Bionomial distribution using mu = csize and size = csize/(csize*(cscv^2 - 1)) (see rnbinom), where cscv is the coefficient of variation of cluster sizes defined as sqrt(csvar)/csize. If the size of any cluster is generated as less than 2, it will be replaced by the supplied value of minimum cluster size (mincsize) which has a default value of 2


A dataframe with two columns presenting cluster id (cid) and a binary response (y) variables


Akhtar Hossain [email protected]


Lunn, A.D. and Davies, S.J., 1998. A note on generating correlated binary variables. Biometrika, 85(2), pp.487-490.

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rcbin1(prop = .6, prvar = .1, noc = 100, csize = 10, csvar = 12, rho = 0.2, mincsize = 2)

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