This package contains functions for generating i-v summaries and plots from raw i-v characteristics of (organic) photovoltaics.

The main function iv.summary(data_dir, output_dir, pattern = "") analyses all files containing i-v characteristics and calculates the solar cells parameters (Isc, Voc, FF, efficiency, resistivity) matching given pattern.

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Example of using iv.summary(data_dir, output_dir, pattern = "") function.

The collected current-voltage characteristic is assumed to have a .dat extension and each such file should contain two columns (voltage, series1).

voltage series1 
0   -0.2299582
0.0275  -0.2265189
0.055   -0.2240239
0.083   -0.2205034

`data_dir` can contain many such files and specific groups of files can be selected for analysis with by specifying a pattern in the file name via the pattern option (e.g. `pattern="pixel"` or `pattern="device"`)

After running  ```r iv.summary(data_dir, output_dir, pattern = "")```

the output folder  `output_dir will` contain `Summary_efficiency.dat` and a `fig` subdirectory where all the auxiliary figures will be stored.

The file `Summary_efficiency.dat` contains summary characteristics from each processed `.dat` file
                         data//S2500_og1_pixe1_01.dat data//S2500_og1_pixe2_01.dat data//S2500_og1_pixe3_01.dat
I_sc (mA/cm^2)                    -3.8326367                   -4.5021650                   -4.5546300
V_oc (V)                           0.5304575                    0.5315812                    0.5033092
FF(%)                             49.8678364                   49.1958129                   39.2810589
P_max (mW/cm^2)                    1.0138385                    1.1773867                    0.9004739
Efficiency (%)                     1.0138385                    1.1773867                    0.9004739
r_s                               15.6381889                   14.0442675                   17.4861618

Additionally, in catalog output_dir/fig there are plots of current-voltage characteristics.

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