Man pages for akondrashov96/rusmaps
Maps of Russia for visualisation of spatial data

CentralFOCentral Federal District
ChelyabinskAdministrative regions of Chelyabinsk city
citiesRussian cities with population of over 1 million
DFOFar Eastern Federal District
EkaterinburgAdministrative regions of Ekaterinburg city
KazanAdministrative regions of Kazan city
KFOCrimea Federal District
KhabarovskKhabarovsk region municipal districts and Khabarovsk city...
KrasnoyarskAdministrative regions of Krasnoyarsk city
longitude_correctionSet positive values to negative longitudes
MoscowAdministrative regions of Moscow city
NCFONorth-Caucasus Federal District
NovgorodAdministrative regions of Nizhniy Novgorod city
NovosibirskAdministrative regions of Novosibirsk city
NWFONorth-Western Federal District
OmskAdministrative regions of Omsk city
PermAdministrative regions of Perm city
restore180Restore a polygon cut by 180 meridian
RostovAdministrative regions of Rostov-na-Donu city
rus_fdFederal districts of Russia
rus_fd_ncFederal districts of Russia
rusmaps.dataframeMaps in rusmaps package
rus_subFederal subjects of Russia
rus_sub_ncFederal subjects of Russia
SamaraAdministrative regions of Samara city
SFOSiberia Federal District
SouthFOSouthern Federal District
StPetersburgAdministrative regions of Saint-Petersburg city
UfaAdministrative regions of Ufa city
UFOUral Federal District
VFOVolga Federal District
VolgogradAdministrative regions of Volgograd city
VoronezhAdministrative regions of Voronezh city
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