Man pages for albhasan/blissR
R tools for handling MODIS data for BLISS

ConstantThe CONSTANT class
date2gridConverts a date into grid time index
date2ydoyTransforms a date into the year-day_of_the_year date...
deleteArrayDeletes an array from SciDB
downloadHdfsDownloads MODIS' hdf files. Wrapper of the MODIS::getHdf
downloadRegionHdfsDownloads the MODIS MOD09Q1 corresponding to the amazon...
existChecks if an array with the given name exists in SciDB
findInvalidHdfsFinds invalid HDF files
getCollectionsReturns the object's requested collections
getFileExtensionFind the extension of a file
getFilenameFromFilepathReturns the filename of the path to the file
getFileNoExtensionReturns the filename without extension
getFilepathFromFilepathReturns the filepath of the path witout the last part...
getFileresultFromFilenameBuilds a file name for storing the results of processing
getFilesReturns the object files
getFirstGmipReturns the GMPI of the first pixel (top left) of the given...
getHostReturns the object host
getPath2scidbBinReturns the object host
getPortReturns the object port
getRequestedProductsReturns the object's requested products
getRequestedTilesReturns the object's requested tiles
getResultFolderReturns the object's result folder
getScidbhostReturns the object scidb host
getScidbInstanceReturns the object scidb instance
getScidbportReturns the object scidb port
getSpaceResolutionReturns the object spatial resolution
getTileIdFromFilenameGet ths MODIS tile id from the modis filename
getTimeFromHdfFilenameGets the adquisition time of a MODIS HDF file name
getTimeOriginReturns the origin of the time grid
getTimeResolutionReturns the time among observations in the grid
getTimeWindowEndReturns the object's end time
getTimeWindowStartReturns the object's start time
getValidArrayNameReturns a valid SciDB's array name
insertInsert one array into other
listArraysReturns the names of the currrent arrays in the SciDB...
loadDataLoads the input files to SciDB and it deletes the source...
loadDataLongLoads the input files to SciDB and it deletes the source...
LoaderThe LOADER class
ModisDownloaderThe MODISDOWNLOADER class
ModisGridThe MODIS GRID class
modisGridBoundariesMODIS Grids
processProcess the input files
ProcessorThe PROCESSOR class
processTimeFormats time
queryAflSends an AFL query to SciDB and return the results using...
queryAqlSends an AQL query to SciDB
queryAqlCmdSends an AQL query to SciDB using the OS instead of scidbR...
ScidbInstanceThe SCIDBINSTANCE class
substrRightGet the characters of a string from right to left - taken...
text2dateTransforms a date given as text to a date object
UtilThe UTIL class
ydoy2dateTransforms a date in the year-day_of_the_year format to a...
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