Man pages for albhasan/scidbutil
R util functions for SciDB array database to handle imagery

addPositionAdd position columns to MODIS data retrieved from a SciDB's...
calcPixelSizeCalculate the length of a MODIS pixel
calcTileWidthCalculate the width of a MODIS tile
date2gridyear-day-of-the-year to time_id
date2ydoyDate to year-day-of-the-year
getFilenameFromFilepathGet the filename from the path to the file
getFilepathFromFilepathGet the filepath without the last part (filename)
getFirstGmipReturn the GMPI of the first pixel (top left) of the given...
getHVGet tile's H and V from MODIS' tile Id
getSdbDataFromBBGet data over a SciDB connection of a bounding box
getSdbDataFromPointsGet SciDB data from sample points
getTileIdFromFilenameGet the MODIS tile id from the modis filename
getTimeFromHdfFilenameGet the adquisition time of a MODIS HDF file name
getxyMatrixGet the coordinates of the center of the given pixel
grid2datetime_id to year-day-of-the-year
ids2tileCalculate the MODIS's tile index from the array's spatial...
isLeapYearTest for leap year
missingtidsReport the missing time_ids
moveDateByYearsMove dates certain number of years
POSIXlt2txtFormat a POSIXlt object
removeFisrtLastRemoves the first and last characters from a string
sampleTSEstimate the values fo the time-series for the supplied...
scidbProcessSchemaParse a SciDB's array schema
sinusoidal2gmpiGet the col_id & row_id in MODIS sinusoidal coordinates
substrRightGet the characters of a string from right to left
text2dateText to POSIXlt
time_id2dateTransform a time_id into dates
time_id2ydoyTransform a time_id into year-day_of_the_year
wgs84gmpiGet the col_id & row_id in WGS84 coordinates
ydoy2dateyear-day_of_the_year to a date
ydoy2ymdTransform year-day-of-the-year into a date
ymd2tidTransform a date into a time_id index
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