Man pages for alekrutkowski/clojR
Clojure-inspired functions (macros) in R

caseA powerful replacement for base::switch
caseveqA vectorised version of clojR::case (with '==' function)
casevidA vectorised version of clojR::case (with vectorised identity...
condEquivalent of nested if ... else ... calls
cond-threadConditionally evaluate expressions and thread them
condvEquivalent of nested ifelse calls (vectorised clojR::cond)
condv-threadA vectorised version of clojR::'cond->'
docDisplay in-body function documentation (a "docstring")
thread-asThreading a value, bound to a symbol, through expressions
thread-firstThreading a value, as the first argument, through expressions
thread-lastThreading a value, as the last argument, through expressions
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