Man pages for alekrutkowski/gentest
Generative property-based testing with automatic doc generation

AnythingConvenience wrapper around many different generators
AsOneWrapper for vector generators to be used 'as one' insted of...
BoolGenerator for Boolean values (logical: TRUE and FALSE)
DataFrameGenerator for data frames
docgenAutomatically generate package documentation from a gentest()...
gentestTest a function with different combinations of arguments,...
grapes-or-grapesWrapper for two alternative generators
IntegerInRangeGenerator for integer numbers based on sample()
ListGenerator for lists
NameAdd a name, to be used ulitmately by docgen(), to the...
NumericInRangeGenerator for numbers (doubles) based on runif()
ReplicateWrapper for vector generators replicating randomly whole...
ScalarModifier reducing vector to scalar (a single element)
SingleCharacterGenerator for single characters
stopIfErrStop if gentest() results include errors
stopIfErrOrWarnConvenience wrapper around stopIfErr() and stopIfWarn()
stopIfWarnStop if gentest() results include warnings
StringGenerator for strings
withNAModifier injecting missing observations (NAs)
withZeroModifier injecting observations with 0 (zeros)
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