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Robust marginal integration

k.epanEpanechnikov kernel
kernel10Order 10 kernel
kernel4Order 4 kernel
kernel6Order 6 kernel
kernel8Order 8 kernel
margint.clClassic marginal integration procedures for additive models
margint.robRobust marginal integration procedures for additive models
my.norm.2Euclidean norm of a vector
plot.margintDiagnostic plots for objects of class 'margint'
predict.margintFitted values for objects of class 'margint'
psi.huberDerivative of Huber's loss function
psi.huber.wHuber weight function
psi.tukeyDerivative of Tukey's bi-square loss function
psi.wTukey bi-square weight function
residuals.margintResiduals of a marginal integration fit in an additive model
summary.margintSummary for additive models fits using a marginal integration...
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