Man pages for alemiani/explora
Explore and Visualize Data

bar.interactionTwo-way Interaction Plot with 95% CI
bartestCreates a bar plot with vertical bars divided by group. It...
bartest.multivarbartest.multivar, plot what you want!
bulk.aovbulk ANOVA
checkAllAnswerscheck whether all numbers in a likert scale are given
check.normNormal is better
chi.percChi Square and Percentages (Test of Equal or Given...
descriptive_APADescriptive table in APA format
interactionPlotTestsInteraction plots with 95% CI
likert.rescaleRescale a vector from 0-100
Norm_log_10Visualize normal, log, and log10 values
r.diffA(nother) p-hacking tool
save.interactionPlotsSave interaction plots
save.QQPlotsSave QQplots
seeVisualize r.diff plots
sortuniqueExtract Unique Elements and Sort
split_bySplit a Vector
spotAssholesSpot Assholes
t.diffA p-hacking tool (i)
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