Man pages for alexWhitworth/concord
Code for prediction of concord models

combine_digiCombined Prediction and Actual - Digital
combine_physCombined Prediction and Actual - Physical
combine_pred_actCombined Prediction and Actual Results
combine_streamCombined Prediction and Actual - Stream
create_predWrapper function for predictions
create_pred_backboneCreate backbone of data elements for prediction
digi_holidaysEncoding of holiday months
distinct_geogsData subsetting by geography
geog_predictionsPrediction for each geography
month_diffcalc month difference between two num_mo objects
num_moCalculate number of months since origin
phys_holidaysEncoding of holiday months
pred_sePrediction and Standard errors for models
safe.ifelseA modified version of ifelse
subset_geogsData subsetting by geography
trans_newdataTransformations for prediction
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