Man pages for alexanderbates/deformetricar
R wrapper for elements of the Deformetrica registration tool

apply.mirror.affineApply a mirroring and affine transformation to an object in...
calculate.full.transformationCalculate a mirroring, then a pair of affine transformations
deformetricar-packageR wrapper for elements of the Deformetrica registration tool
findcognateFind neuron cognates on other side of a nervous system.
mirrormatGenerate a transformation matrix for a mirroring registration
othersideApply a list of mirroring, affine and warping registrations...
read.pointsRead txt files
read.vtkRead a VTK format file
shootflowApply deformetrica registration to a set of 3D points...
symmetrisel1Symmetrise the L1 CNS space
trafoicpmatGet affine transformation matrices
transform3dpointsTransform 3D coordinates using a list of transformation...
transform.vtkTransform a .vtk object
write.vtkWrite VTK file
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