Man pages for alexjweil/integrateIt
Integrates Functions Numerically

initialize-Simpson-methodInitializes Simpson objects, and validates them.
initialize-Trapezoid-methodInitializes Simpson objects, and validates them.
integrateItPerforms numerical integration
integrateIt-Simpson-methodPerforms integration according to Simpson's rule.
integrateIt-Trapezoid-methodPerforms integration according to the Trapezoid rule.
Integrator-classThe base class for numerical integration.
plot-Simpson-methodPlots the parabolas created in a Simpson's rule numerical...
print-Integrator-methodPrints Integrator and its subclasses, by printing their...
quadratic.interpolationComputes the quadratic interpolation of the provided values.
Simpson-classA subclass of Integrator that performs integration according...
Trapezoid-classA class to handle numerical integration with the trapezoid...
validate.simpsonValidates the correctness of the arguments passed to X.
validate.trapezoidValidates the correctness of the arguments passed to X.
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