Man pages for alexmarzel/svisits
Shared Clinic Visit Dates Identify Steady HIV Positive Partnerships for Research

adjust_Rcpp_minAdjustment function
adjust_R_Rcpp_short_binomialProbabilites of sharing a given number of visits
adjust_visitsAdjust the number of shared visits
barcodeUnique pair identifier
Bonferroni_mDetecting the pairs using Bonferroni correction
chooseCBinomial coefficient
find_pairsFind significant pairs
get_observed_pairsPairs with at least one shared visit
getPairsPairs with shared visit on a certain date
prepare_dbPrepare the database
Shuffling_simulationShuffling simulation to determine shared visits...
simulated_dataSimulated dataset of visit dates based on the SHCS
svisits-packagesvisits: finding HIV transmission and serosorting pairs using...
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