Man pages for alexpghayes/hayeslib

allcloseCheck whether all elements of array or vector like objects... cross-validated elastic net paths
beta_olsGet OLS regression coefficients
compare_coefsCompare coefficients values across two different models
constants_likeCreate object of same shape and type as 'x' filled with value...
count_non_naCount non-NA values in a vector
diag_likeCreate an identity matrix matching a vector
dmvn_armaCalculate multivariate normal densities
get_shareable_link_to_dataGet an immediately shareable / pasteable link to data
ggpieCreate a pie chart in ggplot2
hayeslibhayeslib: a package to learn about packages. #meta
linspaceReturns evenly spaced numbers.
logspaceReturns numbers evenly spaced in logspace.
lzy_chrCreate character vector without quotes
lzy_imputeMean impute and optionally add missingness indicator
mcmc_hpd_intPlot 95 percent HPD credible intervals for posterior samples
mcmc_statsCompute common statistics on posterior samples
mcmc_traceCreate a trace plot from a dataframe of posterior samples
mutate_byMutate by group with less boilerplate
na_countsSummarize missing data in each column of a dataframe
num_levelsCount the number of unique factor level combinations present...
pdf_tableAdd a nicely formatted table to a PDF knitr from R markdown
percGeneric to calculate percentages in the same vein as...
quad_formCalculate the value of a quadratic form
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_naRemove all NA values for a vector
rmseGet the RMSE of a set of predictions
rmvnSample from the multivariate normal distribution
rmvn_armaSample from the multivariate normal distribution
rmvn_qlSample efficiently from the MVN parameterized by Q matrix and...
sample_n_featsSample n features from a data frame randomly
sample_n_groupsSample random groups from a dataframe with NSE
spread_keepSpread, but keep the key column
summarize_bySummarize by group with less boilerplate
t_dfTranspose a dataframe
t_mcmcCollect posterior samples into a list column
to_naSet an arbitrary number of elements in a vector to NA
top_n_groupsSelect rows in the top n groups according to some...
var_plotPlot the variable importance of a ranger object
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