Man pages for alexpkeil1/wellwise
WELL Water, Infants, and a Safe Environment: simulations

analysis_wrapperUser level function to run multiple simulation iterations
convergence_checkCheck stan model fit for convergence (not yet implemented)
data_analystFit a Stan/JAGS model in a single data set
data_importerbring in raw well data
data_readerCreate data in form usable for Bayesian models
get_modelGet an existing model from the wellwise package
gibbs_basichelper: make basic gibbs sampler code (incomplete)
jags_basichelper: make a basic jags model
julia.modelFit a julia gibbs sampler (given by s.code)
make_fullrmodhelper: make a model to use in model.matrix
mkdesignRhelper: Create code for a design matrix
mkinterventionhelper: create stan code that encodes an intervention in...
mkinterventionRhelper: create R code that encodes an intervention in...
mkintshelper: lorem ipsum
mkmodhelper: create a model based on generic terms
mkmodidxhelper: create a model based on generic terms,
plotPlot function for summarized results
printPrint function for summarized simulation results
sink.resetclean up problems with sinking where output doesn't show up
sortstringhelper: Sort the words in a character string
stan_basichelper: make a basic stan model
summarySummarize results of multiple simulations
summary.mcmc.listSummary method for mcmc.list object from coda package
trimhelper: Remove whitespace in a string
trimintshelper: lorem ipsum
welldataWell water measurements
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