Man pages for alexwhan/guilloche
Simulate a Guilloche Style Drawing Machine

ani_drawrAnimate drawing of a drawr dataframe
define_orbitDefine a planetary orbit
eucl_distGet euclidean distance between two points
get_drawing_pointGet x of drawing point
get_limsGet axis limits to add to ggplot
get_orbit_positionGet (x, y) position of orbit location
get_scissor_offsetGet offset from the plane of two points for a given scissor...
get_thetaGet theta of disc
get_theta_diffGet angle of point 2 from point 1
get_xGet x coordinates of orbit location
get_yGet y coordinates of orbit location
ggdrawrPlot a drawr dataframe
ggdrawr_wholePlot a drawr dataframe
helloHello, World!
orbit_transformTransform a position by orbiting around an origin
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