Man pages for alko989/s6model
Data-poor stock assessment using a single-sepcies steady-state size-based (s6) model

addIcesAdds ICES assessment results to existing plots
addVersionAdds version watermark to a plot
calcFmsyCalculates the Fmsy reference point
changeBinsizeChange the bin size of a weight frequency data.frame
datrasraw2weightfreqConvert a DATRASraw object to weight frequency data.frame
difference-methodsDifference between two 'Parameters' objects
estimateParamEstimates parameters using the given data and maybe some...
findLatestFind newest file in folder matching pattern
fitWLFit weight-length relationship
getCor-methodsReturns the correlation matrix of the parameters
getDfYearsGet yearly weight frequencies
getParamsReturns a list with all parameters and functions
getRandomParametersRandom model parameters
ices.codAssessment results for the ICES cod stocks
makeAssessmentMakes assessment of a fish stock given weight frequency data...
minimizemeThe negative log likelihood for given parameters and data
ParametersThe Parameters class and constructor
plotGrowthMortalityPlots growth function
plotResidualsMake a report about the (quasi-)residuals
s6modelData poor stock assessment using a single species size based...
s6modelResultss6modelResults class
sample2dfConvert a vector sample to data.frame with counts per weight...
simulateData3Simulates catch-at-weight data using the s6model
subsetDatrasSubsets a DATRAS object
Winf-methodsTakes a Parameters object and changes its asymptotic weight
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