Man pages for allopole/datacolor
Color for Data Visualization

AUColorsA diverging color palette for AUC (Area Under ROC Curve).
color2hclConvert named colors to HCL (polarLUV)
color2hexConvert named colors to hex RGB
colorbarDisplay a palette, simulate colorblindness and greyscale,...
colorblindSimulate colorblindness
colorchartGet built-in color names with Hex, RGB and HCL values
cyclic_hclCyclic HCL Color Palettes
cyclxGenerate Power Function, Stepped, and Cyclic Sequences
hcl2hexConvert an HCL palette to hex RGB
heatA sequential color palette for heatmaps.
hex2hclConvert a hex palette to HCL (polarLUV)
multiHueMulti-hue color scales
unipaletteA 7 category qualitative palette
vpadpad a vector
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