Man pages for allr/rcov
Code coverage tool for R

CoverageAnnotationDecoratorAdd coverage annotation to statement list
GetTestDirFind test directory in the path
IsControlFlowIs statment is a control flow statement
MonitorCoverageReplace function body for coverage measurement
MonitorCoverageHelperCreate new function with coverage annotation
PauseMonitorCoveragePause monitoring coverage
rcovOptionsQuerying/setting rcov option
reassignInEnvReassing object in the namespace
ReportCoverageFilesMeasure coverage of files using tests
ReportCoverageInfoReport Coverage Information
ReportCoveragePercentageReport Coverage Percentage Only
ReportEnvironmentCoverageMeasure coverage of an environment
ReportMissingStatementsReport Missing Statements
ReportPackageCoverageMeasure coverage of a package
ResumeMonitorCoveragePause monitoring coverage
SetExecuteValueWrite down that line was executed
StopMonitoringCoverageStop monitoring coverage for a function
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