Man pages for almartin82/njschooldata
a simple interface for accessing NJ DOE school data in R

agg_enr_column_orderHelper function to return aggregate enrollment columns in...
agg_enr_pct_totalHelper function to support calculating pct_total on aggregate...
allpublic_enr_aggsCalculate All Public Enrollment Aggregates
allpublic_gcount_aggsCalculate Charter Sector Grad Count aggregates
allpublic_grate_aggsCalculate All Public Grad Rate aggregates
allpublic_parcc_aggsCalculate All Public Options PARCC Aggregates
arrange_enrarrange enrollment file
assessment_peer_percentileAssessment Peer Percentile
calculate_agg_parcc_profAggregate PARCC results across multiple grade levels
charter_sector_enr_aggsCalculate Charter Sector Enrollment Aggregates
charter_sector_gcount_aggsCalculate Charter Sector Grad Count aggregates
charter_sector_grate_aggsCalculate Charter Sector Grad Rate aggregates
charter_sector_parcc_aggsCalculate Charter Sector PARCC aggregates
clean_cds_fieldsClean up CDS field names
clean_enr_dataclean enrollment data types
clean_enr_gradeTidy up the grade level field on enrollment data
clean_enr_namesclean enrollment names
dfg_peer_percentileCalculate DFG peer percentile by grade
district_name_to_idGiven friendly district names, returns ids
download_and_clean_prDownload and clean performance report data
enr_aggsCalculate enrollment aggregates
enr_grade_aggsCustom Enrollment Grade Level Aggregates
extract_rc_APExtract Report Card Advanced Placement Data
extract_rc_cdsExtract Report Card CDS
extract_rc_college_matricExtract Report Card Matriculation Rates
extract_rc_SATExtract Report Card SAT School Averages
fetch_all_parccFetch all PARCC results
fetch_dfgFetch NJ District Factor Group (DFG) data
fetch_enrgets and processes a NJ enrollment file
fetch_gepagets and processes a GEPA file
fetch_grad_countFetch Grad Counts
fetch_grad_rateFetch Grad Rate
fetch_hspagets and processes a HSPA file
fetch_many_tgesFetch Multiple Cleaned Taxpayer's Guides to Educational...
fetch_msgpFetch mSGP
fetch_njaskgets and processes a NJASK file
fetch_old_nj_assessa simplified interface into NJ assessment data
fetch_parccgets and cleans up a PARCC data file file
fetch_reportcard_special_popFetch Special Population data
fetch_tgesFetch Cleaned Taxpayer's Guide to Educational Spending
friendly_district_namesFriendly District Names
friendly_school_namesFriendly School Names
gcount_aggregate_calcsAggregate multiple grad count rows and produce summary...
gcount_column_orderGrad Count column order
get_and_process_msgpGet and Process mSGP data
get_essa_fileGet an ESSA comprehensive or targeted accountability file
get_grad_countGet NJ graduation count data
get_grad_rateGet NJ graduation rate data
get_merged_rc_databaseCombines school and district Performance Reports for 2017-on,...
get_one_rc_databaseGet Raw Report Card Database
get_percentile_colsGet percentile cols
get_raw_enrread a zipped excel fall enrollment file from the NJ state...
get_raw_geparead a fixed width, raw GEPA data file from the NJ state...
get_raw_grad_fileGet a raw graduation file from the NJ website
get_raw_hsparead a fixed width, raw HSPA data file from the NJ state...
get_raw_njaskread a fixed width, raw NJASK data file from the NJ state...
get_raw_parccreads the raw PARCC excel files from the state website
get_raw_spedread Special Ed. excel files from the NJ state website
get_raw_tgesGet Raw Taxpayer's Guide to Educational Spending
get_rc_databasesGet multiple RC databases
get_reportcard_special_popGet Special Population Enrollment from Report Card Files
get_standalone_rc_databaseGet Standalone Raw Report Card Database
grad_file_group_cleanupgrad file group cleanup
grate_aggregate_calcsAggregate multiple grad rate rows and produce summary...
grate_column_orderGrad Rate column order
id_charter_hostsIdentify charter host districts
id_enr_aggsIdentify enrollment aggregation levels
id_grad_aggsIdentify enrollment aggregation levels
id_selected_districtidsDistrict Names to IDs
layout_gepaGEPA layout metadata, 2004 - 2007 assessment
layout_hspaHSPA layout metadata, 2011 - present
layout_hspa10HSPA layout metadata, 2004 - 2010 assessment
layout_njaskNJASK layout metadata
layout_njask04NJASK layout metadata, 2004 test
layout_njask05NJASK layout metadata, 2005 test
layout_njask06gr3NJASK layout metadata, 2006 grade 3 and 4 test
layout_njask06gr5NJASK layout metadata, 2006 grade 5-7 test
layout_njask07gr3NJASK layout metadata, 2007 and 2008 elementary test
layout_njask09NJASK layout metadata, 2009 test, 2007-8 gr 5+ test
pad_cdspad cds fields
pad_gradePad grade level
pad_leadingpad leading digits
parcc_aggregate_calcsAggregate multiple PARCC rows and produce summary statistics
parcc_column_orderPARCC column order
parcc_perf_level_countsPARCC counts by performance level
parse_parcc_subjParse PARCC subject
peekPeek at a data frame
percentile_rankPercentile Rank
process_enrprocess a nj enrollment file
process_enr_programjoin program code to program name
process_grad_countProcess Grad Count Data
process_grad_rateProcess Grad Rate
process_grateprocess grate
process_nj_assessprocess a nj assessment file
process_parccProcess a raw PARCC data file
process_reportcard_special_popProcess Report Card Special Population Data
prog_codesprogram code data
rc_numeric_cleanerReport Card Numeric Data Cleaner
rc_year_matcherreport card year matcher
school_name_to_idGiven friendly school names, returns ids
split_enr_colssplit enr columns
standard_assesscall the correct 'fetch' function for normal assessment years
statewide_peer_percentileCalculate statewide peer percentile by grade
tges_name_cleanerTGES name cleaner
tidy_administrative_costsTidy Administrative Costs
tidy_admin_salariesTidy Administrative Salaries and Benefits
tidy_budgetary_per_pupil_costTidy Budgetary Per Pupil data frame
tidy_budgeted_vs_actual_fund_balanceTidy Budgeted vs Actual Fund Balance
tidy_classroom_general_suppliesTidy Classroom General Supplies and Textbooks
tidy_classroom_purchased_servicesTidy Classroom Purchased Services and Other
tidy_classroom_salaries_benefitsTidy Classroom Salaries and Benefits
tidy_enrtidy enrollment data
tidy_equipmentTidy Equipment Costs
tidy_excess_unreserved_general_fundTidy Excess Unreserved General Fund
tidy_extracurricularTidy Extracurricular Costs
tidy_food_serviceTidy Food Service Costs
tidy_generic_budget_indicatortidy common/generic budget indicator data frame
tidy_generic_personneltidy generic personnel indicator data frame
tidy_grad_countTidy Grad Count
tidy_grad_ratetidy grad rate
tidy_legal_servicesTidy Legal Services
tidy_nj_assesstidies NJ assessment data
tidy_parcc_subgrouptidy parcc subgroup
tidy_personal_services_benefitsTidy Personal Services and Benefits Costs
tidy_plant_operations_maintenanceTidy Plant Operations and Maintenance
tidy_plant_operations_maintenance_salariesTidy Plant Operations and Maintenance - Salaries and Benefits
tidy_ratio_faculty_to_administratorsTidy Ratio of Faculty to Administrators
tidy_ratio_students_to_administratorsTidy Ratio of Students to Administrators
tidy_ratio_students_to_special_serviceTidy Ratio of Students to Special Service
tidy_ratio_students_to_teachersTidy Ratio of Students to Teachers
tidy_support_services_salariesTidy Support Services Salaries
tidy_tges_dataTidy list of TGES data frames
tidy_total_classroom_instructionTidy Total Classroom Instruction data frame
tidy_total_spending_per_pupiltidy total spending per pupil
tidy_total_support_servicesTidy Total Support Services
tidy_vitstatTidy Vital Statistics
trim_whitespaceTrim whitespace
unzipperWrapper to download a file from a url and unzip
valid_calldetermine if a end_year/grade pairing can be downloaded from...
year_variable_converteryear variable converter
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