Man pages for almartin82/nyschooldata
A Consistent Interface and Helpful Analytic Functions for Accessing NYSED School Data

aggregate_everythingMakes all-grade and sub-grade aggregates from a clean data...
aggregate_gradesAggregate results by subject across grade levels
assess_dbCreate a assess_db object
assess_growthAssessment Growth (Same Grade)
clean_assess_dbClean an assessment database file
clean_nameClean a name vector
cohort_growthCohort Assessment Growth
custom_aggregatemake a custom aggregation
extract_mdbFinds .mdb files in a temp directory and processes as data...
fetch_assess_dbFetch NY State assessment db
full_aggregation_scaffoldCreate the full aggregation scaffold for all records in a...
get_all_raw_rcReads in all the raw report card databases
get_raw_assess_dbRead in the raw assessment database from the NYSED website
get_raw_rc_dbRead in the raw report card database from the NYSED website
grade_runsFinds grade runs
interpret_bedscodeInterpret bedscode
interpret_bedscode_completeInterpret bedscode (complete)
is_sequentialIs a vector sequential
nysd_clean_namesNYSD clean names
p_proficiency_hist_mult_subj_sch_comparisonProficiency History, Multiple Subjects, Comparing Two...
p_proficiency_hist_sch_comparison_plot_helperinternal helper function for comparison plots. D.R.Y!
p_proficiency_hist_single_subj_sch_comparisonProficiency History, One Subject, Comparing Two Entities
prof_history_data_prepinternal data helper function for comparison plots. D.R.Y!
sch_aggregation_scaffoldCreates an aggregation scaffold for one school/district
subgroup_efficacySubgroup Efficacy
zip_to_tempDownload and unzip a file from the web
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