Man pages for almartin82/projprep
Preps Fantasy Baseball Projection System Files

calculate_pricescalculate prices
clean_OFclean OF
clean_pclean P
clean_posclean pos
clean_quotesclean quotes from a string
clean_raw_cbsCleans up a cbs projection scrape
clean_raw_fangraphsCleans up a fangraphs (steamer, zips etc) projection file.
clean_raw_fantasy_prosCleans up a fantasy pros projection scrape
clean_raw_guruCleans up a guru projection file.
clean_raw_podCleans up a pod projection file.
clean_raw_razzball_steamerCleans up a steamer projection file.
common_proj_prep_varsWhat common variables do all projection prep data frames need...
espn_adpget ESPN adp
find_special_replacementfind special replacement
find_standard_replacementFinds the mlbid of the replacement player, for each standard...
first_pass_mlbidfirst pass mlbid match
force_h_uniqueforce h projection data unique
force_numericforce numeric
force_p_uniqueforce p projection data unique
get_cbsGet cbs
get_fangraphsGet various fangraphs projections
get_fangraphs_depth_chartsGet fangraphs depth charts projections
get_fantasy_prosGet fantasy pros
get_guruGet guru projections
get_pecotaGet pecota projections
get_podGet pod projections
get_razzball_steamerGet steamer projections
get_steamerGet steamer projections
get_steamer600Get steamer600 projections
get_zipsGet zips projections
limit_proj_varsselect relevant raw projection stats
mlbid_matchmlbid match
prep_name_metadataprep name metadata for optimal auction app
priority_positionpriority position
proj_prepCreate a proj_prep object
read_raw_cbsRead raw cbs projections for a given year
read_raw_fantasy_prosRead raw fantasy pros projections for a given year
read_raw_guruRead raw guru projections for a given year
read_raw_pecotaRead raw pecota projections, given a path to the download...
read_raw_podRead raw pod projections, given a path to the download file
read_raw_razzball_steamerRead raw steamer projections in for a given year
read_raw_steamersteamer scrape
read_raw_steamer600steamer600 scrape
read_raw_zipszips scrape
scrape_cbsScrape CBS Projeections
scrape_fangraphsgeneric fangraphs scrape
scrape_fantasy_prosScrape Fantasy Pros Projeections
scrape_razzball_steamerScrape Steamer Projections
second_pass_mlbidsecond pass id match
split_firstlastSplits firstlast player name into first, last
stock_defaultsstock defaults
tag_positiontag position priority
trim_whitespaceTrim whitespace
value_over_replacementcalculates value over replacement player, by position
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