Man pages for aloy/HLMdiag
Diagnostic Tools for Hierarchical (Multilevel) Linear Models

adjust_lmList.formulaFitting Common Models via 'lm'
ahdMethylprednisolone data
autismAutism data
case_delete.merCase Deletion for 'mer'/'lmerMod' objects
compare_eb_lsVisually comparing shrinkage and LS estimates
cooks.distanceInfluence on fixed effects of HLMs
covratioInfluence on precision of fixed effects in HLMs
diagnosticsCalculating influence diagnostics for HLMs.
dotplot_diagDot plots for influence diagnostics
ggplot_qqnormConstructing a normal Q-Q plot
group_qqnormOverlaying normal Q-Q plots
HLMdiagDiagnostic tools for hierarchical (multilevel) linear models
HLMresid.merCalculating residuals from HLMs
leverage.merLeverage for HLMs
LSresids.merCalculating least squares residuals
radonRadon data
rotate_ranef.merCalculate s-dimensional rotated random effects
rvc.merRelative variance change for HLMs
varcomp.merExtracting variance components
wagesWages for male high school dropouts
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