Man pages for alphonse/aeRo
Tools for Atmospheric Aerosol Optics

averagePowerExtract Background From MultiPAS Data
averagePower.wavesExtract Powers for a Single Wavelength from MultiPAS Data
blockMeansCalculate Means in Groups Over a Vector
chooseFilterStartChoose the beginning of the filter period
compileAethCompile AE33 data files
convertToAbsConvert Microphone Signal to Absoption
convertToExtConvert Microphone Signal to Extoption
fillToLengthFill A Matrix with Background Values
fitAAEfitAAE a Function
getBgExtract Background From MultiPAS Data
getBg.wavesGet Background Values for a Single Wavelength
getTau0Extract tau_0 From MultiPAS Data
importAethImport AE33 Data
importPASImport MultiPAS Data
plot.absPlotting function for an Absorption Object
plot.ssaPlotting function for an SSA Object
processSpectrumImport and Plot MultiPAS Absorption/Extinction Data
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