Man pages for alteryx/AlteryxPrescriptive
Simulation and Optimization Tools in Alteryx

AlteryxSolveSolve Optimization Problem
checkInputsCheck input quality
checkInputs_file_modeCheck inputs for file mode
checkInputs_manual_modeCheck inputs for manual mode
checkInputs_matrix_modeCheck inputs for matrix mode
constructModelGeneric function.
createQMatrixCreate Q Matrix
dfToMatrixConvert input data.frame to matrix based on the matrix's...
findInputsFind inputs that start with a root
findTrueInputFind inputs that start with a root and have the value TRUE
fixSlamMatrixFix Slam Matrix
getProblemSummaryGet problem summary
getProblemTypeDetect problem type based on class of OP object and types of...
getSampleDataGet sample data
inAlteryxCheck if code is running inside an Alteryx R Tool.
inferAInfer column names for Input A based on constraintMode
inferBInfer column names for Input B to 'constraint', 'rhs', 'dir'
inferOInfer column names for Input O to "variable", "coefficient",...
makeConstraintReportMake constraint report
makeCPLEXFileTransform model into CPLEX LP format
makeDataOutputMake data output
makeInteractiveReportMake interactive report
makeVariableReportMake variable report
parseQParse a quadratic equation into a matrix of coefficients
processQPProcess QP
questionsQuestion Inputs
readModelFileConvert model files to ROI-compatible model objects
remove_newLinesHelper Functions for Parser
solve_gurobiSolve model using Gurobi –
solveModelSolve model
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