Man pages for alteryx/AlteryxSim
R package for Alteryx simulation tools

allDistributionsfunction to make list of all distributions and relevant info
Alteryx_distributionsGet distributions supported by Alteryx tools
Alteryx_distributions_continuousGet continuous distributions supported by Alteryx tools
Alteryx_distributions_discreteGet discrete distributions supported by Alteryx tools
best_processCode for processing when process = "best"
bin_to_dataConverts binned data into vector of data
checkForMissingXVarsCheck for missing predictors in score data as compared to the...
chi_sqConvert a fit to corresponding chisq value
convert_distConvert distribution name to R distribution function suffix
convertTo01Generic method for converting vector to 0/1
convertTo01.characterconvert character of Yes/No vector to 0/1
convertTo01.defaultConvert default vector to 0/1
convertTo01.factorconvert character vector to 0/1
custom_chisqGet chi squared value from MLE for custom mle function for...
custom_chisq_discreteGet chisq value from MLE for custom chisq function for...
data_processCode for processing data inputs
doInChunksApply function to each chunk if in Alteryx. If outside, run...
each_processCode for processing when process = "each"
entire_processCode for processing when process = "entire"
errorCheckBoundsGeneric error check for illegal bounds; throws error if set...
errorCheckBounds.binomialError check for binomial out of bounds
errorCheckBounds.defaultDefault error check for bounds method
errorCheckBounds.gammaError check for gamma out of bounds
errorCheckBounds.geometricError check for geometric out of bounds
errorCheckBounds.lognormalError check for lognormal out of bounds
errorCheckBounds.paretoError check for pareto out of bounds
errorCheckBounds.paretoAlteryxError check for pareto out of bounds
errorCheckBounds.poissonError check for poisson out of bounds
errorCheckParamsGeneric check for illegal parameters; throws error if params...
errorCheckParams.defaultDefault error check; returns no error
errorCheckParams.triangulartriangular distribution error check
errorCheckParams.uniformuniform distribution error check
fapplyApply list of functions to single argument
findInputsFind inputs that start with a root
findTrueInputFind inputs that start with a root and have the value TRUE
fit_best_singleFor specified distribution, find parameters for best-fitting...
fitdist_AlteryxGeneric method for fitting distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.binomFit binomial
fitdist_Alteryx.binomialFit binomial distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.defaultDefault method for fitting distribution Uses...
fitdist_Alteryx.geomFit geometric distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.geometricFit geometric distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.paretoFit pareto distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.paretoAlteryxFit pareto distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.poisFit poisson distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.poissonFit poisson distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.triangleFit triangular distribution
fitdist_Alteryx.triangularFit triangular distribution
fit_distsGeneric method for fitting over vector of distributions
fit_dists2Generic non-S3 method for distribution fitting each column to best fitting distribution and distribution...
fit_dists.defaultFit single vector across all distributions to best parameters
fit_infoGet info on fitting and gof
get_chunk_sizesGive vector of chunk sizes
getErrorVecFunction to get error vector
getSampleSizesGet sample sizes for chunks
getScoreHelper function for simulateNonGLM for scores < 0 or > 1
getTarVarNameExtract target variable name from model object
inAlteryxCheck if code is running inside an Alteryx R Tool.
loadPackageForScoringLoad any needed packages based on the class of the model
mapReduceMap reduce code to help with processing of chunks
mapReduceChunkArgMap reduce code to help with processing of chunks, with...
nonStratSamplingGet sample sizes for simple (non-stratified) sampling
param_processCode for processing parametric inputs
prepareDataForScoringScore a model
process_fit_elementProcess a fit element created by 'fit_dists' on a data.frame
qparetoAlteryxpareto inverse CDF function
quantile_sampleQuantile function sampling
questionsQuestion Inputs
rej_sample_from_distParametric Rejection Sampling
removeMissingLevelsRemove missing levels from score data based on model data
rparetoAlteryxpareto random sampling function
saImportanceImportance index
sample_bestFind best fit for each column and sample from it
sample_dfSample entire records from dataset
sample_df_indepSample from dataset, sampling from columns independently
sample_hyperSamples flexible parameters from distribution
sample_hyper_joinJoins hyperparameter to existing data
sample_LH_from_distLatin Hypercube Parametric Sampling
sample_MC_from_distMonte Carlo Parametric Sampling
saPr2Partial Correlation Coefficients
saPrSinglePartial Correlation Coefficients
saRPearson's R
saScatFunction to make collection of scatter plots
scoreErrorCheckError check to ensure model class matches "isGLM"
scoreProcessFunction to score model with added samples from an error...
simGLMRepurpose stats package 'simulate' function to work on new...
simNonGLMfunction to draw from error distribution and add to...
singleScatFunction to make single scatter plot
stratSamplingGet sample sizes for stratified sampling
tool_processCode for sampling tool in Alteryx
try_fit_best_singleApply best fit function and catch potential errors Necessary...
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