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Interactive Dashboards for Predictive Models

createCoefficientsTableCreate a table of coefficents
createCoefficientsTable.elnetCreate coefficient table from glmnet object
fdBoardCreate a dashboard
fdBodyCreate the body of the dashboard.
fdBoxCreate a box
fdColumnCreate a column
fdDropdownMenuCreate a dropdown menu
fdHeaderCreate the header of the dashboard
fdIconCreate a font icon.
fdInfoBoxCreate an info box.
fdMessageCreate a message
fdModalCreate a modal, popover or tooltip
fdNotificationCreate a notification
fdPageCreate a page of the dashboard
fdPaletteAlteryx Color Palette
fdPanelClassificationMetricsDisplay performance metrics for a classification model
fdPanelClassificationMetricsByClassDisplay performance metrics by class for a classification...
fdPanelCoefficientsDisplay regression coefficients
fdPanelHistogramDisplay a histogram and table of summary statistics
fdPanelImportanceDisplay variable importance
fdPanelMetricsDisplay a panel of metrics
fdPanelRegressionDiagnosticsDisplay a panel of diagnostic plots for regression models
fdPanelRegressionMetricsDisplay performance metrics for a regression model
fdPanelRegressionResidualsDisplay model residuals for a linear regression model
fdPanelRegressionScatterplotDispaly scatterplot of actual vs. predicted values for a...
fdPlotClassificationPerformanceInteractive performance plots for classification models.
fdPlotConditionalDensityInteractive Conditional Density Plot
fdPlotConfusionMatrixInteractive Confusion Matrix
fdPlotCvGlmnetInteractive plot for cv.glmnet object.
fdPlotGlmnetInteractive coefficient profile plot for glmnet objects.
fdPlotlyCreate an interactive plot using plotly.
fdPlotMismatchMatrixInteractive Mismatch Matrix
fdPreviewPreview a widget in the dashboard.
fdRenderRender a dashboard in Alteryx.
fdRowCreate a row
fdSidebarCreate the sidebar of the dashboard.
fdSidebarMenuCreate a menu in the sidebar
fdSimpleTableCreate a table
fdStatDisplay a statistic
fdTabsetPanelMake a tabset panel
fdTourCreate an interactive tour of a page.
fdValueBoxCreate a value box.
makeHtmlIdMake a valid html id from a string
pipePipe functions
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