Man pages for amcat/amcat-r
R bindings for the AmCAT API articles to an article set
amcat.add.parentsAdd parents to a data frame of codes
amcat.aggregateConduct an aggregate query on amcat
amcat.articlesGet article metadata from AmCAT
amcat.codingjob.resultsGet the results of a codingjob
amcat.connectConnect to the AmCAT API
amcat.create.codingjobCreate a new codingjob
amcat.flushAsk AmCAT to flush the elasticsearch
amcat.getarticlemetaGet article metadata from AmCAT
amcat.gethierarchyGet the hierarchy from an AmCAT codebook
amcat.get.job.codesGet the codebook codes for a job
amcat.getobjectsGet objects from the AmCAT API
amcat.getpagesGet and rbind pages from the AmCAT API
amcat.gettokensGet Tokens from AmCAT
amcat.getURLRetrieve a single URL from AmCAT with authentication and...
amcat.hierarchy.catsAdd categories (ancestors) to a codebook 'hierarchy'
amcat.hitsConduct a query on amcat
amcat.nlpipeProcess an articleset with nlpipe
amcat.runactionRun an action from the AmCAT API or change an entry in the cached authentication file
amcat.strip.codeidStrip the codeid from columns
amcat.upload.articlesUpload new articles to AmCAT
BooleanFieldCreate a Django Form Field
CharFieldCreate a Django Form Field
ChoiceFieldCreate a Django Form Field
DecimalFieldCreate a Django Form Field
djangoFormFieldsCreate a json string for django form fields
IntegerFieldCreate a Django Form Field a list of rows (named list) into a data frame
lucene_to_reChange a (simple) lucene query to a regular expression
match_wordsMatches a regular expression pattern on multiple strings
process.codingsProcess a 'long' list of raw codings into a 'wide' data frame...
quanteda.corpusDownload articles from AmCAT into a Quanteda corpus object
scrollScroll an amcat API page with 'next' link
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