Man pages for aminadibi/epicR
R Package for Evaluation Platform in COPD

calibrate_COPD_incSolves stochastically for COPD incidence rate equation.
calibrate_explicit_mortalityCalibrates explicit mortality
calibrate_explicit_mortality2Calibrates explicit mortality by Amin
calibrate_mi_incidenceCalibrates MI incidence.
calibrate_smokingCalibrates smoking
Cget_agent_eventsReturns all events of an agent.
Cget_all_eventsReturns all events.
Cget_all_events_matrixReturns a matrix containing all events
Cget_eventReturns the events stack.
Cget_events_by_typeReturns all events of a certain type.
Cget_inputsReturns inputs
Cget_n_eventsReturns total number of events.
Cget_outputMain outputs of the current run.
Cget_output_exExtra outputs from the model
Cget_runtime_statsReturns run time stats.
Cget_settingsReturns current settings.
Cget_smithReturns agent Smith.
Cset_input_varSets input variables.
Cset_settings_varSets model settings.
epicR'epicR' package
export_figuresRuns the model and exports an excel file with all output data
express_matrixExpress matrix.
get_agent_eventsReturns events specific to an agent.
get_all_eventsReturns all events.
get_default_settingsExports default settings
get_errorsReturns errors
get_events_by_typeReturns certain events by type
get_list_elementsGet list elements
get_sample_outputReturns a sample output for a given year and gender.
init_inputReturns a list of default model input values
init_sessionInitializes a model. Allocates memory to the C engine.
mvrnormArmaSamples from a multivariate normal
report_COPD_by_ctimeReports COPD related stats.
report_exacerbation_by_timeReports exacerbation-related stats.
resumeResumes running of model.
runRuns the model, after a session has been initialized.
sanity_checkBasic tests of model functionalty. Serious issues if the test...
sanity_COPDBasic COPD test.
terminate_sessionTerminates a session and releases allocated memory.
test_case_detectionReturns results of Case Detection strategies
validate_comorbidityReturns results of validation tests for comorbidities
validate_COPDReturns results of validation tests for COPD
validate_diagnosisReturns results of validation tests for diagnosis
validate_exacerbationReturns results of validation tests for exacerbation rates
validate_gpvisitsReturns results of validation tests for GP visits
validate_lung_functionReturns results of validation tests for lung function
validate_medicationReturns results of validation tests for medication module.
validate_mortalityReturns results of validation tests for mortality rate
validate_overdiagnosisReturns results of validation tests for overdiagnosis
validate_payoffsReturns results of validation tests for payoffs, costs and...
validate_populationReturns results of validation tests for population module
validate_smokingReturns results of validation tests for smoking module.
validate_survivalReturns the Kaplan Meier curve comparing COPD and non-COPD
validate_symptomsReturns results of validation tests for Symptoms
validate_treatmentReturns results of validation tests for Treatment
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