Man pages for anacv/HeatStress
Calculate heat stress indices

apparentTempCalculation of the apparent temperature.
calZenithCalculate zenith angle in degrees.
degToRadConvert degree angle to radians.
dewp2hursCalculation of relative humidity from temperature and...
diffusivityCompute the diffusivity of water vapor in air.
discomIndCalculation of the discomfort index.
effectiveTempCalculation of the effective temperature.
emis_atmCalculate the atmospheric emissivity.
esatCalculate the saturation vapor pressure (hPa) over water.
fTgCalculation of the globe temperature.
fTnwbCalculation of the natural wet bulb temperature.
h_cylinder_in_airCalculate the convective heat transfer coefficient for a long...
h_evapCalculate the heat of evaporation, J/(kg K).
hiCalculation of the heat index.
h_sphere_in_airCalculate the convective heat tranfer coefficient for flow...
humidexCalculation of humidex.
is.leapyearCheck whether a year is a leap year.
quote-data_obs-quoteMeteorological input variables for the heat stress indices.
quote-data_wbgt.Bernard-quoteExample for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature in the shade (Bernard...
quote-data_wbgt.Liljegren-quoteExample for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature in the sun (Liljegren...
quote-data_wbt.Stull-quoteExample for Wet Bulb Temperature (Stull 2011).
radToDegConvert radian angle to degrees.
swbgtCalculation of the simplified wet bulb globe temperature.
tashurs2vap.presCalculation of vapour pressure.
thermal_condCalculate the thermal conductivity of air, W/(m K).
viscosityCompute the viscosity of air, kg/(m s).
wbgt.BernardCalculation of wet bulb globe temperature, following...
wbgt.LiljegrenCalculation of wet bulb globe temperature, following...
wbt.StullCalculation of wet bulb temperature, following Stull's...
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