extractECDFofFunctions: Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function of BBoB data

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extractECDFofFunctions returns a cumulative distribution function of the functions that were solved within the desired fitness gap by the number of function evaluations this took


extractECDFofFunctions(results, fitnessGap = 1e-08)



results must be a return object of aggregatedResults, i.e. the aggregated results of several function optimizations.


extractECDFofFunctions can be used to observe which fraction of functions has been solved within the desired fitness gap passed to the function. For example, a bbob experiment could terminate an optimization run after 100000 function evaluations. If the specified fitness gap is not reached after this number of function evaluations, the corresponding function remains unsolved with respect to that specific gap.


extractECDFofFunctions returns an empirical cumulative ditribution function based on bbob data which can be plotted directly.

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