Man pages for andresfpc/KDViz
Knowledge Domain Visualization

ArticleSearchArticle search
CorpusFromBibDataCorpus from an article database
DTMFromCorpusDocument-term matrix from a corpus
FirstFirst element
GetHREFGet HREF attribute
GetRISElementGet text from a RIS element
GetRISListGet text from a RIS bibliometric unit
KDSummarySummary of word groups
KDVizKnowledge domain visualization
LastLast element
leer.mpa.corpusReads a corpus and passes it to mpa format
LoadArticleLoad the info of an article
matriz.mpa.corpusCalculation of co-occurrences matrix and matrix associations...
ReadRISRead a RIS file
ReplaceByListReplace a list of words by a pair list
ScienceDirectArticlesArticle search from ScienceDirect
SparseRateSparse rate to remove a proportion of terms
TermFreqByWordTerm frequency by a specific words
TermFrequencyTerm frequency
TextFromHtmlText from html
WordGroupDTMDocument-term matrix and SCA by word group
WordsInCorpusSee words inside a corpus
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